Couple Counseling

Couples therapy

Couples therapy is an effective form of therapy for any couple that is having difficulties working through issues in their relationship. This includes problems with communication, parenting, intimacy, maintaining connection, and betrayal. In couple’s therapy, we begin with an initial introduction session, followed by two separate individual assessment sessions. After these three sessions I will complete a couple’s assessment plan, which we will discuss in the fourth session, and that will be the blueprint for our work together. From this point, we will meet on a weekly basis toward the goal of decreasing the frequency of sessions as progress is made.

Boot Camp Therapy

Boot Camp Therapy is a highly effective and unique opportunity for couples in crisis, those with scheduling issues, or people who just want to get a jump on fixing their relationship. It is a great way to begin the process of healing and getting a jump start on our work together. I have found that clients that begin with this boot camp have an increased level of success in the process, and experience faster, and longer lasting change. The first day of your boot camp therapy will be a full day, consisting of an initial introduction session, an individual session with each partner, a short assessment period for the clinician, and a longer couple’s session to review the treatment plan and begin working on the presenting problems.

After this initial boot-camp session, we will make a plan for our future sessions, which will most likely consist of weekly or bi-weekly sessions, depending on the need of the client.


Some couples find it helpful to have the feedback and participation of a second, male, clinician during the initial ‘boot camp’ sessions. Having this fourth person can be extremely helpful in moving the process forward and offering the couple more comprehensive feedback and interventions.

After this initial boot camp session, we will have a plan for continued treatment, which will include weekly (or bi-weekly) couple’s sessions, and individual sessions (either in person or via online therapy) when appropriate. The length of these ongoing sessions, and the duration of treatment will be determined as we go, and be according to progress on our treatment goals.


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